About us

Antigua & Barbuda Student Association-USA Inc.

(ABSA-USA) is a non-profit organization that was incorporated August 26th, 2014. ABSA-USA Inc. is committed to helping people to become leaders in their communities.

Antigua & Barbuda Student Association-USA Inc. (ABSA-USA) carries out this mission through a variety of means, including an assortment of educational and cultural programs that seek to expand the horizons of young people and give them the skill sets they will need to lead successful and productive lives.



ABSA-USA Inc. succeeds by providing avenues where young people can build cultural and social skills in order to become more aware of educational opportunities, preparing students physically, mentally, and emotionally to meet the challenges of higher education and trade schools, as well as assisting young people and their parents in performing community service activities as a means of giving back to society.